Eighty Iconic Photographs on Sale Now

The portraits alone are worth taking a look at.

There’s Marilyn Monroe, Audrey Hepburn, Andy Warhol, plus Lennon and McCartney, among many others.

They’re part of Magnum Photos’ “Obsessions,” the June 2019 Square Print Sale, with photographic work by Robert Capa, Cornell Capa, David Seymour and Philip Jones Griffiths.

Magnum asked 80 photographers and their estates to delve into their archives to select a single image that reflects the issues, working practices and visual signals that have consume the collective’s members throughout their careers.

Most are signed. Some are estate stamped. But each is priced at a reasonable $100.

Of Cornell Capa’s image of Monroe on the 1960 set of “The Misfits,” David Thomson said in 2010: “Our obsession isn’t going to stop for a long time yet … There is no one remotely close to Monroe and I don’t think there ever will be.”

And Elliott Erwitt about his canine photographs: “I am obsessed with dogs — because they remind me of people but with more hair.”

Then there’s Gregory Halpern Buffalo, on why he shoots in his hometown of Buffalo, N.Y. “I am endlessly intrigued by the landscape of Buffalo, New York, where I grew up. As a kid, I picked up a camera in response to the look and feel of the place. The first thing I photographed there were the houses, which have remained a point of fascination for me.”

And Susan Meiselas, about her image called ‘Gawker” in Tunbridge, Vt., in 1974: “He looks at her. She may or may not be looking at him. He dreams and delights in her moves. She may or may not be moving for him.”

Anyone interested in any of the 80 prints will have to move fairly quickly. The sale is only through this week, and ends on Friday, June 14, at midnight EST.

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