From New Ravenna, Winners from the Pinnacle Collection

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The Pinnacle Collection is now officially part of New Ravenna’s line of mosaics.

It consists of four winners in a nationwide contest that solicited new designs from the public at large. And the submissions spanned the continent, from Maine to California.

New Ravenna sought entries in a standalone Fine Art category and a second Repeating Pattern category.

The two winners in the Fine Art category are You Shape the World Around You by Heather Green and Moon Jellies by Jacquelyn Bizzotto. The two winners in the Pattern category are Canna by Jessica Battista and Norris by Zachary Bowen. The winning designs have become part of New Ravenna’s catalog of made-to-measure mosaic offerings and the designers will receive a commission on each mosaic produced.

The company wanted to find a way for the outside community to have a hand in the New Ravenna processes. “We’ve been designing as a team for 20 years now – we know the design process, and wanted to open it up – because anyone can be a mosaic designer, says Cean Irminger, creative director. “They didn’t have to worry about how many square feet to sell – it was just about inspiration and creativity.”

The judges were all from the New Ravenna community on Virginia’s Eastern Shore. “It was strictly personal preferences – what they thought were beautiful mosaics,” she says. “So it was a really varied winners circle.”

The New Ravenna design center determined what kind of scale, detail, and material to render the winners in. “We were thinking about how to translate the designs into mosaics.”

In the Art Section, one winner is all glass – jewel glass to capture a jellyfish design. The other, “You Shape the World around You” is executed in stone to capture the mosaic feel.

Of the two Repeating Patterns winners, one is in basalt stone. The other, because the artist wanted to showcase water jet technology, is stone and brass.

“What I love the most about the winners is that they turned out four different styles that demonstrate a broad range of New Ravenna capabilities: Glass, stone, waterjet/metal/stone, and then tesserae and waterjet,” she says.

And all four winners are now available for purchase.

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