The Semplice Collection from New Ravenna

One of our favorite mosaic designers, New Ravenna, has introduced a new collection of 33 mosaics inspired by the transformation of pattern through color. A+A recently interviewed Cean Irminger, creative director at New Ravenna, about the collection via email:

Who’s the target market here?
For this line, we considered both the target space and the target market. As a subtle-toned floor, these designs could complement a vibrant, bespoke wall mosaic, or they could be the star of the show as a color-blocked backsplash with cabinet colors and countertops that draw from a color tone in the mosaic.

How can the mosaics be used?
Anywhere you’d normally use stone. For most of these patterns, we created a scale that’s suitable for backsplashes and a larger version that’s better suited for floors. For example, Zachary in Kehena, Cirrus, and Orpheus Black would make a great wet bar backsplash, while Zachary Grand in Kay’s Green, Plumeria, and Orpheus Black would be a stunning foyer floor.

The intent of their design?
With this collection, the intention of the design is totally up to the designer – which is exactly why we created it. While the consistent theme is geometry, the color selections and placement combinations are pretty much limitless (we have over 90 stones in our profile). While a lot of people will probably order the combinations that they see in front of them, I know most designers will want to put their own unique twist on the combinations.

Its inspiration?
Our inspiration for this collection came from many places. The most commonly recalled geometric floor is the checkerboard, which dates back thousands of years. Similarly, the most commonly recalled backsplash pattern is “subway tile” – staggered rectangles. We like to play off the familiarity of these standard designs with contemporary updates. Our color palette was mainly inspired by color blocking, a la Mondrian, but more currently the maximalism trend, which we are so happy to see resurfacing.

Commercial or residential application?
Either! We see these patterns decorating large hotel foyers, elevator landings, bar backsplashes and floors, or entry pads. For the residence, we envision these used in many applications: monotone taupe and white bathroom walls, contemporary kitchen backsplashes, or maximalist powder rooms.

What does Semplice mean?
In English, “Semplice” means “a simple style of performance”, and in Italian, it just means “simple”. We always refer to our designs that have one, two, or three shapes as our “simple fields”, and felt the need to create a collection around the concept. The answer was Semplice.

Are they all stone? And what kind?
Ninety-five percent of the designs we’re showing are using only stone, with two exceptions: Mermaid Scale with Thassos, Cloud Nine, and brushed Brass, and Rohan with Heavenly Cream and Shell. However, you could combine brass, shell, gold, or even our Serenity Glass into any of these patterns which would provide even more intrigue and depth to the design. We show each pattern in all Calacatta, the in-demand white marble, and then created variations of the design with either contrasting or complementary colored marbles.

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