The San Marco Collection by Jacquelyn Bizzotto, at New Ravenna

Jacquelyn Bizzotto is the lead designer at New Ravenna, the Virginia-based maker of stone and glass mosaics for residential and commercial use. She recently introduced the Venice-influenced San Marco collection, and A+A took special interest in her work, not just because we’re huge fans of all things Venetian. Bizzotto is also a graduate of Virginia Commonwealth University, where the publisher of A+A once served as managing editor, then executive editor, of The Commonwealth Times, the award-winning student newspaper. We were pleased to interview this gifted artist via email, and post her comments here:

Your background?
Design has been my passion from a young age, whether sketching, crafting logos, or assisting clients in bringing their home visions to life. Following my graduation from Virginia Commonwealth University, I embarked on my design journey at New Ravenna in 2016. Immersed in the intricacies of pattern making, I uncovered a profound love for the craft of mosaics. Transforming conceptual ideas into tangible, functional works of art has become my passion, bringing immense joy in seamlessly merging beauty and functionality. Each day, I encounter patterns previously unseen, an experience that continually inspires and astonishes me.

The clientele for this new collection?
The San Marco Collection, inspired by Venice’s rich history and cultural heritage, appeals to those drawn to its allure. Whether adorning residential settings, hotels, or retail spaces these mosaics infuse environments with timeless beauty and grandeur. Ultimately, our intended clientele appreciates the artistry, quality, and exclusivity of handmade mosaic artwork, aiming to curate truly exceptional living spaces.

Why Venice?
Venice was chosen as the inspiration for this mosaic collection because it embodies a unique blend of history, art, and luxury. (This decision also pays homage to New Ravenna’s namesake of Ravenna, Italy, known for its rich mosaic heritage.) Venice’s timeless charm and cultural significance provided the perfect backdrop for creating mosaic elegance and sophistication, while also honoring ancient tradition and craftsmanship.

Your design intent?
The design intent behind this collection was to encapsulate the essence of Venice’s rich cultural heritage and classic beauty while infusing it with a contemporary twist. Each design in the collection seeks to transport viewers to the enchanting streets and waterways of Venice, capturing the essence of its architecture, art, and atmosphere.

Potential installations?
The San Marco Collection presents a vast array of opportunities for installation, thanks to its customizable designs in both color and material. From residential havens to bustling commercial hubs, the versatility of this collection knows nearly no bounds.

Material palette?
The material palette for the San Marco Collection features a harmonious fusion of lavish and top-tier materials, meticulously selected to elevate the aesthetic allure of each design. Marble, renowned for its timeless elegance, assumes a central role, intertwining seamlessly with our exclusive Glazed Basalto and delicate gold accents.

Scale and proportion?
Proportions are carefully balanced, considering tile size, pattern repetition, and negative space to craft visually cohesive compositions. Whether adorning a small accent area or a grand architectural feature, each mosaic design is meticulously tailored to elevate its surroundings with elegance and precision. At New Ravenna, our unique capability lies in our customization process, tailored to meet the specific needs of our clientele, ensuring nearly limitless possibilities.

How will the mosaics respond to their context?
The mosaics in the San Marco Collection are designed to respond to their surroundings, harmonizing with the architectural elements while making a visually striking statement. Customizable in color, scale, and pattern, they offer tailored solutions that integrate seamlessly into any context. I envision that as they adorn walls, floors or even ceilings they not only enhance the beauty of a home but also create a captivating atmosphere that makes every moment truly memorable.

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