Seating Design for a Porsche Museum

What higher compliment could there be for a German seating manufacturer than to be asked to collaborate on colorful interiors for two restaurants in Porsche’s all-white Stuttgart museum, designed by architects Delugan Meissl, with exhibition spaces by HG Merz?

That was Brunner’s assignment for the Boxenstopp cafeteria, and for Christopherus, a cozier, gourmet affair.

The company worked hand-in-glove with Porsche on both.  We recently interviewed Philip Brunner about the firm’s work there:

What’s the purpose of the museum?

To present all the developed Porsche cars from the beginning of the company ‘til now. Christopherus is a famous steak restaurant, and the cafeteria Boxenstopp provides visitors with snacks and drinks.

Your relationship with the architect? With Porsche?

For these restaurants there was no architect involved. There was a good cooperation and a direct communication between Brunner and the head of the Porsche Museum, and the head of the food and beverage department of Porsche.

What was the process by which you were chosen?

At first, Porsche bought chairs and tables from a different company, but the product quality, the chosen material and design were not satisfying enough.  Porsche contacted Brunner to ask for a presentation.  Our main aim was to respond to the needs of Porsche properly and so, an individual solution was developed.

How does the seating complement the two restaurants within? What are the differences in the two restaurants, and how does the seating address those differences?

For Christopherus, we used our chairs sprung with exclusive leather upholstery, and tables that underline the elegant atmosphere of the restaurant.  For Boxenstopp, we selected Fina chairs and tables to combine good seating comfort and functionality.

How many designers do you have on staff? How does that reflect your commitment to design?

We have close cooperation with 10 to 15 different designers, who are working on an independent basis. In addition, our own Brunner design team in Rheinau, Germany, develops innovative customer solutions. We are strongly committed to product design and functionality.

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