PURE Kicks from Samantha Cobos

Samantha Cobos is an interior designer, a computer programmer and an artist when it comes to color, patterns and textiles.

“I look at different shapes, rotate them, scribble on a piece of paper, and scan it in,” she says.  “It’s all about color and patterns – mostly modern, for a busy lifestyle.”

She recently introduced her “PURE Kicks” collection of eco-friendly, U.S. made and printed organic canvas.  The new line blends with the existing product line created by her company, PURE Inspired Design, including furniture, wool rugs and home accessories.

She mixes past pattern variations and fresh color selections.  One prescient example might be her use of orange for the past two years, well before Pantone announced “Tangerine Tango” as its “vivacious, enticing” color of the year for 2012.  She also combines a modern palette of mustard, turquoise, indigo, apple and gray.

“I love color – it just takes a while to figure out where to put it together,” she says.  “I like a neutral like a dark gray, a charcoal – I think gray’s the new brown – next to colors that are more modern and brighter, like paprika, and bolder greens and blues.  I like a fresh blue that’s a little lighter than blue-gray.”

Once she’s created a pattern digitally, she’ll sends it to either a digital pigment or reactive printer, depending on the use for the textile (upholstery’s printed on a reactive, for longer wear).

She favors an eight-ounce canvas that soft, rather than stiff.  The material is printed on a roll and sent to her.  She’ll use it for draperies, pillows and upholstery, among other applications.  Each pattern is printed on demand for customers, eliminating overstock and waste.

Hers is a one-person shop, though she does depend on a studio to produce here chairs, ottomans, sofas and sectionals.

“I even do my own web design,” she says.  “I do everything.”

And she does it well.

For more on PURE Inspired Design, go to http://www.pureinspiredhome.com

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