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Since 1998, Stefano Boscolo has been export manager of Fiorano, Italy-based Settecento – Mosaici e Ceramiche D’Arte.  We toured the company’s display at Cersaie 2012 in Bologna in late September, and recently interviewed him via email about two of the company’s new lines of porcelain ceramic tiles.

When was the company established, and where?

The company was established in 1968, but a new era began under the current owners, the Panzani family, in 1992

How large is it, in terms of finances, employees and products?

Total turnover in 2011 was approximately 17 million Euros.  We have 100 employees and 45 collections.  We are also direct owners of another company that manufactures decors and special trim.

Settecento’s design philosophy?

It’s oriented in two directions:  First, there are the standards, always complete and in full, like large number of sizes, color options, special pieces, walls and floors, etc. Next, the philosophy of trying to innovate and not to imitate existing products.  Niche collections, decorative collections and hard decors in hard versions and colors are expensive to study, to produce, to keep in stock and to serve, but this is our challenge – and this is the market in which we are recognized.

What kind of color palette is the company known for?

From one side, we cover the classic color palette of the best-sellers and most requested colors – the beiges, the whites and the blacks – but we are recognized for carrying other niche colors such as greens, purples, oranges and deep reds.

Your primary customers?

We have two main targets: First, high-level individual showrooms where special care and attention to the client is given and then, interior designers and architects who are advisors to or make choices for the client.

What are its newest collections, and who are they aimed at?

The newest collections are “New Yorker” and Vintage, just launched at Cersaie 2012.

“New Yorker” is inspired by the traditional and artistic hand-made manufacturing style and philosophy.  It’s a small size (4” x 12”), for a classic “subway” tile.

“Vintage” is a decorative wooden style – a cross of typical Italian wood plank.  The collection is produced with the latest digital technologies.

What’s the inspiration for these new designs?

“New Yorker” is a classic tile forever, and evergreen, in terms of style, size and color.  “Vintage” matches together the new ceramic tile/wood trend with decorative pattern of craftsmen workouts.

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