Modern Artwork with Digital Canvases

Ever the entrepreneur, David Diskin saw a vacuum in the design world, and filled it.

With affordable, modern art.

“I come from a design background – in clothing, furniture and home design,” he says.  “I wanted to create a design collection for historical, modern art.”

And he did.  When you walk into his showroom in Bridgehampton, you’ll find 250 different works of art, printed on canvas and inspired by movements, styles or trends of the past century.  His collections are edited down for a limited selection.  The emphasis is on quality and affordability.

“It’s nice, modern and contemporary art but at a price point that makes it available to all,” he says.

Indeed.  A five-foot by three-and-a-half-foot canvas sports a price tag of $389, with free shipping.  It’s printed with oil-based paint, so it’s waterproof and will not fade. The same image is available in small and medium sizes as well.

“My team is always thinking about how to democratize the art experience,” he says.  “We’re a direct marketer – there’s no middleman.”

The artwork at Modern Digital Canvas is all original, though certainly inspired by trends familiar to most decorators.

“If I were painting I’d be a minimalist – I’m very influenced by Rothko,” he says.

So what you’ll see in his showroom will be versions of certain styles, rather than copies.  It might be Hollywood Regency or Mid-Century Modern.  What’s most interesting to him is the style that looks best for interior decorating.

His newest foray, called the Paris Apartment collection, is eclectic and influenced by Gertrude Stein’s apartment and art, as well as by Coco Chanel, Karl Lagerfeld, and Philippe Starck.  Some of the 32 designs explore Cubist and Impressionist themes, while others were inspired by the Musée D’orsay and the Mediterranean coast.

But they’re all bold – and they’re all affordable.

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