Minimum Effort for Maximum Results

As if its product line of modern European furniture weren’t attractive enough, M2L’s catalogs are now winning design awards.

Two M2L catalogs designed by Giona Maiarelli and Louise Lassen have won Chicago Athenaeum’s 2012 GOOD DESIGN™ Awards in the graphics, identity and packaging category.

“We wanted to create the perfect vehicle for M2L’s very sophisticated, nicely made furniture,” says Giona Maiarelli of Maiarelli Studio.  “We wanted to maximize the results with minimum effort – to use an economy of means to get the biggest impact.  When you do that, and it’s rare when you can, it’s very well-received.”

The pair created two catalogs for M2L – on with a white cover and white logo, and the other gray on gray. They may be monochromatic, but they’re subtle and effective.

“We wanted the cover to be as elegant as the items inside,” he says. “The products feature such craftsmanship and attention to detail – the genius of the design is in the materials and the finish and the restraint.  We wanted a mirror image of the furniture inside.

M2L offers modern furniture from well-known manufacturers in Italy, Germany and Scandinavia.  The company has introduced iconic designers like Josef Hoffmann, Eileen Grey, Alvar Aalto, Walter Gropius, Eero Aarnio and Pierre Paulin, as well as today’s designers like Paolo Piva, Patrick Norguet, Norman Foster, Eoos, Pearson-Lloyd and Jeff Miller.

Maiarelli has his own favorites in the catalogs, including products by Artek and Walter K, a branch of the Knoll family.

But mostly, he’s pleased with a design relationship that’s produced two winning catalogs from one of the most prestigious award programs.

“They gave us carte blanche, and I think they’re very happy with the results,” he says.  “We’ve given them something beautiful to hold in their hands.  We both know that it has to be good craftsmanship, or it doesn’t make sense.”

Both catalogs will be featured in the GOOD DESIGN™ Yearbook 2012-2013.

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