In Scottsdale, Two Modern Accessory Dwelling Units

Two Scottsdale-based firms have joined forces to create a designer series of modern guest houses.

Zander Diamont, co-founder of Minimal Living Concepts, a builder of accessory dwelling units, approached Kaitlyn Wolfe, principal designer Iconic for two new design packages. Each can be applied to MLC’s most popular unit called Live. It’s a 576-square-foot, one-bedroom, one-bath home with kitchen and living space.

“Our product is very simple, minimal and cookie-cutter,” Diamont says. “Kaitlyn’s style is the opposite of that – it’s super high end.”

Wolfe hand-selected all elements of the Canyon and Dolomite design packages, which include upgraded flooring, light fixtures, appliances, and finishes – inspired by her extensive travels and deep exploration of nature.

The standard Live package comes in metal or wood, but Wolfe has added a material palette of quartzite flagstone, white oak flooring, and shou sugi ban wood, among other touches.

“It’s nice to bring outdoors in and use an expanse of glass to make it attractive,” she says. “We’re building in the desert in Arizona, so we bring that feeling into the space.”

These are not to be confused with tiny homes. Minimal Living Concepts is a full-service, traditional builder that takes care of plans, permits and building guest homes and additions. “If you want a guest house, you call us and you’ll have a project proposal in five days, and it takes six months to build.”

About 50 percent of its clientele is using its buildings them as in-law suites, so it’s multi-generational housing. “It’s used by aging parents – their children will build a guest home on their property, get privacy and it enhances the value of the home,” he says.

Other uses for the structures are for backyard offices, pool houses, gyms, guest quarters and for students coming home from college.

The typical standard Live package comes in at $175,000, and can go to $220,000 after utilities are included. The Iconic design series cost is a reasonable $299,000.

“Complete permitting, engineering, construction and concierge services are included,” he says. “We have 15 to 20 projects in permitting now.”

The smallest unit that the company builds is 325 square feet and serves as an additional bedroom. “Then there’s one that’s 1,300 square feet that’s big as a condo,” he says.

But it’s the Canyon and Dolomites design packages that come with style on their side.

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