Aircraft and Geometry Inspire a Faucet

An affinity for aircraft has inspired Celine Garland’s Sotria collection, her newest design for Brizo Faucets.

“I love modern, sleek jets, but I love the retro Spitfires too,” she says. “They’re cool objects flying through air.”

And then there’s the geometry:

“A lot of faucets are rectangles and cylindrical, but a triangle is underrated,” she says. “So I thought about how to put that together.”

The result is a faucet base that’s circular and a top that’s rectangular. Looked at from the front, the triangle is self-evident.

“I wanted something with longevity and staying power, but to be unique,” she says. “Especially in a bathroom setting, blending in with towel bars and mirrors – all three geometric shapes can tie into any design.”

Brizo’s Sotria collection features single-handle and widespread faucets with channel or closed spouts, a wall mount faucet with a channel spout, and a freestanding tub filler, roman tub faucets, and a bidet.

It’s offered in a polished chrome, polished nickel and matte black finishes, as well as the brand’s new Brilliance ® Luxe Nickel finish, a textured finish with cooler undertones.

And it’s the work of a gifted product designer.

“It’s little slice of me,” the native of Singapore says.

She grew up on that tiny island where nearly everyone has a passport. So travel, a part of her life since childhood, drove her passion for this faucet.

“It’s leaning forward,” she says. “It’s reminiscent of an aircraft.”

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