A Practically Perfect Renewal, from Bella Notte

Some luxury brands burn or trash seconds and samples, but Bella Notte’s found new use for theirs.

It’s a collection called Renewal – a commitment to sustainability, designed to keep slightly flawed materials from the landfill.

“When we’re working with the fabric, there may be a small pile or something missing that’s not noticeable to the customer’s eye,” says Taylor Batlin, brand director at the luxury bed linen maker. “We put it to the side – and then we thought about how to give customers access to fabrics that are practically perfect.”

The new curated collection is a discounted player in a product line that now looks like this:

Perfect: Excellent condition pieces in retired colors or styles with no imperfections.

Nearly Perfect: Great condition pieces with minimally visible fabric or construction imperfections like a wandering stitch, a visible seam edge, excess fabric in quilting, a small spot of wear, a missing velvet pile, a two-tone variation, or a large blemish in the weave.

Imperfectly Bella: Good condition pieces with visible imperfections like a noticeable small dye stain, a tiny mended hole or tear, a thread/embroidery color inconsistency, or a missing velvet pile.

The deepest discount is on the third, with prices ranging from a $50 pillow case to an $800 duvet cover. Renewal’s colors and products match up to other Bella Notte collections, though the supply may not.

“The selection of colors and styles in varying conditions is limited and continuously evolving,” she says. “Inventory is dependent on the imperfections that arise from our handmade process.”

Launched just in time for Earth Day, it’s a thoughtful and sustainable entrée to a luxury lifestyle.

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