A Peacock to Remember at Coverings

If you’re going to create an installation design showcase for  at the Coverings tile exhibition in Chicago next month, you may as well pull out all the stops.

Like a variety of tile sizes and thicknesses, from intricate mosaics and three-dimensional walls to textural floors and a very bold display.

And at its center, a peacock mosaic.

Created by interior designer Alena Capra as an eye-popping cross-section of a luxury boutique, the display will be an artisan-fueled work in progress during the four-day tile extravaganza that opens on April 18.

“I wanted it to be fun and outside the box of everyday work, and to feel like as if you’re in Las Vegas in a hotel with boutiques,” she says. “We’re in Chicago and in a really cool space, like in a shopping area.”

So there will be merchandising too, with shoes, accessories and clothing. “The shoes are in the color of my tiles, coordinating cobalt, aqua, turquoise, and black and white,” she says. “I’m going to merchandise it down to the hangers in the display racks that are the  same colors as the turquoise wall tiles.”

She’s covering the waterfront of trends in tiles for 2016, including the 3-D look, the blue hues, the flooring with a wallpaper-like print, and the colorful glass mosaic at the display’s center.

“I want it to be a space that wows you, like a modern whimsy with peacock feathers, and a modern feel as well,” she says. “It will be like nothing you’ve ever seen before. I want to make it something that’s hot – you’ll definitely look twice.”

Each surface will stand out on its own, but one will be most memorable. “None of them are safe – there are a lot of bold choices,” she says. “I wanted clean lines, but fun – people will always remember the peacock mosaic in the background.”

Look for it at Booth 6245 on April 21.

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