From New Ravenna, the Ready-to-Ship Studio Line

What the world needs during a time of pandemic is instant gratification – and maybe a touch of Morocco to boot.

That’s the way Cean Irminger, creative director at New Ravenna, sees things, anyway.

That’s why she’s introduced a colorful and patterned new Studio Line of mosaics named after the cities of Morocco, all available in two days’ time.

There’s the feminine, clematis-patterned Casablanca, the Deco and latticed Tristan, the grid-like Lupita and the “middle-child” Tangier.

“I’ve had them in my back pocket for a long time,” she says of her new, stone, water-jet mosaics.

But she’s been paying attention to client trends when it comes to lattices and grids too. “A lot of our more custom themes are showing that people are turning toward that,” she says. “But this is the first time anybody’s seen these, and we’re trying to keep an eye on them to see if adding color and new patterns works.”

Custom mosaic projects can take up to six weeks for delivery, and ready-to-ship lines are often limited in scope. So Studio Line is an innovation for New Ravenna.

“Usually, ready-to-ship products are neutral colors like grays, whites, and blacks, with not much color – but in this case, the colors do stand out from other company’s offerings,” she says. “There’s a built-in optimism with color.”

Part of that’s pandemic-driven, as clients have left their homes in the cities for life in a more suburban or even country setting. They don’t have a lot of time to wait for custom products – and they favor anything made in the USA.

“They support American-made products and the specialness of receiving handmade mosaics within a few days,” she says.

Not to mention the mystical influence of the Middle East too.

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