Winners in New Ravenna’s Mosaic Design Competition

General / People / Places / Products / August 29, 2022

New Ravenna has announced the two winners in its mosaic design competition, initiated to celebrate the firm’s 30th anniversary.

A total of 33 designs were submitted to the competition: 17 in the Fine Arts category, and 16 in the Pattern category.

As promised, New Ravenna’s judges have selected one design from each category to become a permanent part of our collection. “These designs will be made into mosaic for our “Heritage” collection which will be shown this fall,” says Cean Irminger, creative director at New Ravenna.

The winners are: 

Fine Arts, First Place: “You Shape the World Around You,” by Heather Green. Of her work, the artist says: “The intention behind this piece is based in meditative practice. While creating this image I focused on the title phrase (or mantra) and used vertical marks in the composition to indicate revolutions of the mantra through my mind. I believe that this mantra (and the mantras used in all my works) encourages manifestation, and I hope viewers see this piece as a talisman for attracting positivity into their lives. 

 Functionally, this design could serve myriad uses in the hospitality industry and high-end residential spaces. More specifically, I envision this design adorning the walls of a luxury spa, bathroom, or pool house. The soothing quality of the imagery could appeal to a wide audience and has the potential to serve many purposes across different markets.”

Pattern, First Place: “Canna” by Jessica Battista of Hartford, Connecticut. Of her work, the artist says: “Canna lilies are such a captivating plant to me.  As beautiful as their blooms are to look up to (since most tower above my head), their leaves are what draw me in.  With so many large leaves bursting from the stem, each painted with intricate stripes, it is hard to tell where one starts and the next begins. The effect is visually hypnotic.”

New Ravenna’s preparing a booklet of all the designs and digitally rendering each submission into what we think the design would look like in mosaic. One page will feature the artwork, name, location, and story, and the other side of the page will show our mosaic rendering. “This booklet will be available to our clients, friends and family, and we’ll be sending each of you a copy in October,” Irminger says.

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