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Products / May 19, 2016

Earlier this week, Walker Zanger announced the Kaza Design Competition, in partnership with Architectural Digest magazine. The competition offers all aspiring and established designers and architects the chance to have their original tile design added to the Kaza collection. The design competition launched on May 14, and the winning designer will have its product manufactured by Walker Zanger and earn royalties from the product’s sales. A+A recently interviewed the competition team:

What’s the intent of this competition?

The intent of the competition is to give all aspiring and established designers and architects the chance to have their unique tile design become a reality and added to the Kaza collection as well as showcase the design community’s creativity.

Who is the competition open to?

All aspiring or established designers and architects in the United States.

Its parameters?

The competition runs May 14-September 30. Entrants will be tasked with designing decorative concrete wall tile that complements the current offerings in the Kaza collection. It should be aesthetically pleasing and visually exciting, yet also practical for widespread application and use. The design can showcase a pattern or consist of many differently shaped tiles that form a homogeneous surface when installed together.

Its inspiration?

Kaza Concrete held a similar competition in Europe, and Walker Zanger wanted to take it a step further by offering royalties.

How will that work?

Details are pending, but the winner will earn royalties from the product’s sales.

Why is Walker Zanger sponsoring this competition?

Walker Zanger is looking to give designers and architects the opportunity to bring new inspirations to the Kaza collection and continue to help foster growth and creativity in the design community.

How many entries do you anticipate?

More than 100.

The judging process – and who’s on the jury?

Individual judges are currently being chosen, but judges will include design luminaries from architecture, interior design and fashion, as well as an editor from Architectural Digest. The judges will select a winner based on a variety of pre-determined criteria.

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