Warp & Weft, by David Jameson

The Warp & Weft carpet gallery in the Washington, D.C. Design Center was created by Alexandria, Va.-based architect David Jameson, collaborating with Manhattan-based owner Michael Mandapati.

Located in the heart of D.C., the Washington Design Center is the region’s largest resource for high-end home furnishings and décor.

Jameson started with the renovation of old ice house whose primary feature was a low, concrete coffered ceiling.

To transform it into a a compelling gallery, he folded the carpets to create tectonic constructs and define the spatial experience, and then left the floor as a voided space rather than stacking rugs in the center, in the usual carpet showroom custom.

“We curated all the systems to read as indexed to the ice house coffers,” Jameson said.

It’s deceptively simple-looking, but in fact, it’s a miracle of restraint and effect, noted Raleigh, N.C. architect Frank Harmon.

The gallert has been recognized with an Award of Excellence in Interior Architecture by the Northern Virginia AIA, and an Award of Merit: Interior Design from the Inform Awards.

For more on David Jameson Architect, go to http://www.davidjamesonarchitect.com/

For more on Warp & Weft, go to http://www.warpandweft.com/

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