Thousands of Choices at Dering Hall

Let’s say you’re an architect or interior designer in search of the perfect coffee table for a picky client.

Where do you go?

You could spend a day or two online, perusing dozens of supplier sites and wading through all manner of products.

Or you could simply click on, and find 3,200 tables – 703 of them high-quality coffee tables, with quality being the operative word here.

“It’s impossible in the design world to know all the products available in an incredibly fragmented marketplace,” says Peter Sallick, Dering Hall’s co-founder. “The problem is that designers can’t find what they’re looking for, and makers can’t reach the architects and designers.”

Established during the depths of the Great Recession in 2011, Dering Hall now offers 20,000 items from 500 companies. Among them are rugs, lighting, hardware, fabrics, furniture, and accessories. Most, if not all, are your basic spectacular.

“They’re all in different materials, colors, shapes, and brands that I know as a professional,” says Sallick, who’s also CEO of Waterworks, the tile and fixtures manufacturer. “It’s a simple way to get a jump start on products – if you’re in the market to source these things, it’s an incredible tool.”

The companies whose products are featured pay a monthly subscription fee to Dering Hall, so the firm’s not making commissions or percentages on products sold. “We’re not trying to sell for them – we’re just attracting attention, building awareness and giving viewers a method to contact them,” he says. “They can go to the site, email them or print a tear sheet – there are a lot of different ways.”

And it’s not just for the trade, either. Consumers are not only welcomed, but encouraged to check out Dering Hall’s offerings. “People can come online without registering, and anyone can come,” he says. “It’s open to consumers because consumers and designers are often collaborating on a project, so we want them to have access as well.”

Besides, he says, that only helps expand the market for high-quality design.

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