There’s an App for Your Next Mosaic

Places / November 1, 2012

Trend, the Italian mosaic firm with a manufacturing center in Sebring, Fla., has found a way for potential clients to visualize its products before spending a dime.

That would be the I-Trend, its mobile app for the I-Pad

“It’s in the app store and it’s free,” says Marcello Becchi, director of business development at Trend USA.  “You can customize your room with our colors, and see how it would look with our materials on your I-Pad.”

The company produces a wide variety of high-end mosaic stone and glass.  It’s engaged with architects and designers for large-scale commercial use in hospitality, office, airport and retail environments, and in counters, floors and walls for residential applications.

“We understand what the solution can be, whether it’s for a room or a floor – whatever tile is used for,” he says.  “We’ll go to the home of a customer and replace a room with our materials.  We’ve created a system so that a kitchen can be done in a day.”

It’s a system that’s green as well; it makes use of the existing surface, so that nothing goes to the landfill.  Moreover, the company often uses broken, recycled glass, granite and porcelain for its mosaics.

Its Karma line of glass is handmade, then cut to size, with a coating on the back side.  On the front, it offers a texture of mirrored effect.

The company strives to stay on the cutting edge of design, whether appealing to European or American clients.  “We balance the strong colors of European design with an American design that’s softer in color.”

On top of that, they’re flexible.

“As an organization, we’re willing to customize for blends or color,” he says.  “We’ll work with an architect or interior designer – we want to stay ahead of the curve – to be competitive.”

If you don’t believe him, just download the app.

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