The Venice Architecture Short Film Festival

The Venice Architecture Short Film Festival is featuring two main events on a five-day schedule that started Sept. 1 at the Giardini della Marinaressa, facing the Bacino di San Marco in Venice. A+A recently interviewed Valeria Romagnini of Archituned, the organizer of the event, via email, about it:

What’s the background on the festival?

The Festival is an initiative aimed at creating a new cultural voice for the city of Venice, by involving the local community and encouraging international collaborations. Venice is and always has been a reference point for the arts.

Its intent?

We believe in rebuilding from our strengths and bringing citizens together in order to create new spaces for sharing cultural attractions. By assigning architecture its role of stretching the imagination beyond the limits of the ordinary, we aim to describe a different possible future that has its roots in Venice, a city in everyone’s heart.

Who is participating?

We received approximately 300 short movies in about a one-month time frame. Twenty shorts were selected and can be found on our website. We also have a separate section for Beka & Lemoine, and an out-of-competition which includes: “Broken Nature: Design Takes on Human Survival,” directed by Alessandra Galletta, plus “Two Pianos,” directed by Paul Clemence and Axel Stasny.

Are there specific categories?

The selected films explore different visions on contemporary architecture with a particular focus on themes such as living in the cities, the landscapes, the use and regeneration of public and open spaces, the sense of neighborhood, how we create and define a sense of community and how we share and live within those frames.

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