Taline and Poppy from Bella Notte Linens

Muted colors from Northern California and Morocco have inspired two new collections from Bella Notte Linens.

The new designs are the work of Leeta Steenwyk, design director at the San Francisco-based firm for the past seven years.

Her first experience with Bella Notte’s artisanal offerings turned her into an instant fan. “It was a set of sheets that I slept on, and I thought I was in a different world,” she says. “I was inspired by the feeling of really luxurious fabric that was really beautiful.”

Now she creates comfort and beauty to share with others. “I love it when customers see or touch the fabric – and then experience it,” she says. “They feel the intention and how it will work in their home sanctuary and think about how to add to that.”

“Poppy,” a new design color, was inspired by her Northern California environment. “I spend time in nature, in the forests to north and Lake Tahoe,” she says. “The poppy color is homage to our home state.”

For Bella Notte’s Taline collection, she responded to a love for Moroccan textiles. “People like a little bit of texture and they have a love affair with Morocco,” she says. “They wanted something that would feel a little more geometric, in lighter colors and that looks a little lacy. It blends with everything.”

She also lets her embroidery designs speak for themselves, keeping their lines clean. “I added it to the Ines collection that already had a personal comforter people were using in their bedrooms,” she says. “So now there are pillows for living areas, and a personal comforter for cuddling up on the sofa or draping across the end of a bed.”

With a background designing for brands like Roxy, Nautica, and Liz Claiborne, Steenwyk brings a perceptive feel for design to the Bella Notte label – one that’s been appealing to Bella Notte’s highly loyal audience for 25 years now.

“Some have been with us for a couple of decades, and pass our work on to their daughters,” she says. And some of them are anticipating what will come out next – they’re collectors.”

Little wonder. She’s designs and creates Bella Notte’s luxurious, high-end lines of keepsake linens, satins, and silks.

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