Suchi Reddy Designs for the ‘F’ Word

People / Places / March 25, 2016

No, not that one.

The other one: Feminism.

Reddymade’s Suchi Reddy has designed a highly flexible space for STORY, New York’s ever-changing concept store, and “F-Word”, its 29th installation. It launched on March 7, just in time for International Women’s Day, and it’s meant to spark conversations about the meaning of feminism.

“They wanted a gallery setting, not a retail setting,” Reddy says. “So I had to keep retail in mind, with moveable walls that are reconfigured twice a week – having them move and be stable too was a challenge.”

The concept will bring together groundbreaking women and men, from Diane von Furstenberg to model and body activist Ashley Graham, to share how they relate to the topic of feminism.

STORY founder Rachel Shechtman says the mission of this installation is to create a fresh context to discover the ‘who’ and ‘ what’ of feminism and show how women and men are uniting to make the word stand for something personal, from film to family.

“She’s super-smart – she comes from the world of consulting, and wanted to do it like a magazine  to tell a story,” Reddy says. “It’s an inspiring idea – there are innovative women  involved, including one who designs robots, and also a designer of underwear, and a fatherhood section with backpacks for dads.”

The concept’s editorial lens is expressed by Brooklyn illustrator and author Samantha Hahn, who lent her hand-lettering and watercolor illustrations to Reddy’s modern space. Merchandise ties the installation together with an edit of items that add a physical dimension to the zeitgeist around feminism. It’s organized by words like Force of Nature, Family, Feeling Confident, and Fair Trade, among others.

Reddy designed the space to inform, rather than sell. “I want people to walk away with a sense of feeling like they learned a lot about feminism from the displays, not to walk in and say ‘I’m going to consume this,'” she says. “It’s designed from an information aspect – for people to read and understand and discover. I created an architecture for that.”

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