Post-9/11 New York, in Photographs

New York has always been a photographer’s city, and it always will be, says Hamburg Kennedy Gallery owner Marla Hamburg Kennedy.

So she’s organized a book of more than 300 photographs, taken since 9/11, by emerging artists.  Among the 100 photographers represented are
Jenny Holzer, Peter Funch, Arash Radpour, Vincent Laforet, and Ryan McGinley.

“The book illustrates the depth of the city and the artistic eye,” she said.  “It captures a spirit and an ambiance unlike any other book on NY photography.  It’s important to show that there is more to this city than the standard images that tend to be touristy.”

She took in the depth and quality of every borough, rather than choosing to focus on the obvious, iconic locations.  Thematically, it’s a book of urban photography, rendering New York more as a physical place than as a social one.

With the idea of a post 9/11 city in mind, she selected images that captured a new New York City.  “Color, line and light – all of that plays into selected images that are strong in a group but also strong on their own,” she said.

She wanted to present a counter-intuitive take on the city, which is very different from the 20th century view of New York, exemplified in images of vertical towers, and mythologized into images that connote a city of ambition – a city of money, power and vertical thrust.

“This New York is horizontal in form and subject,” she said.  “It looks beyond the confines of Manhattan Island and outward.”

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