Pop-Up Art in the Meatpacking District

LUMAS, the Berlin-based contemporary photography portfolio, will open a pop-up gallery in New York on Sept. 9. The new temporary space, located at 875 Washington Street, will feature works from more than 200 renowned artists around the world, in editions of 75 to 150. A+A recently interviewed Jan Seewald, head of communications, via email:

Some background on LUMAS?

Founded by Stefanie Harig and Marc Alexander Ullrich, LUMAS has created a new space for art, which offers young collectors and all art-lovers a diverse selection of works by over 200 established artists and emerging talents. After the opening of the first LUMAS gallery at Berlin’s famous Hackescher Markt in 2004, more locations quickly followed.

With more than 40 galleries across the world in Berlin, London, Paris, Vancouver, Vienna and Zurich more than 1,800 works are available as original photographs in editions of 75 to 150.

Thanks to close, ongoing cooperation with the artists and outstanding production partners, LUMAS enjoys a unique position in its field: LUMAS releases art editions and is also a widely respected art dealer. By keeping all production in-house, LUMAS is able to maintain high artistic and technical standards, offer exclusive art, and provide expert consultation to customers.

Photographers represented in the exhibition, and why chosen?

Established and emerging artists available in the LUMAS portfolio include Berenice Abbott, David Armstrong Erwin Blumenfeld, Michel Comte, Andreas Feininger, Werner Herzog, Horst P. Horst, Alex Maclean, Edward Steichen, and Bert Stern, Jody MacDonald, Bernhard Lang, Renaud Delorme, only to mention some of LUMAS most popular artists, will be represented in the new POP-UP store, together with photography masters such as Stephanie Schneider, Erich Lessing, Arthur Elgort or Robert Lebeck. Specifically for the opening of LUMAS Pop-Up Gallery an exhibit of Joe McDermott’s work will be on view.

LUMAS Portfolio Management Experts keep informed on the latest trends in the international art market by regularly attending exhibitions, conventions, and festivals. In this way, LUMAS always stays current and exciting.

Styles of photography represented?

LUMAS portfolio includes all style of photography, from abstract to conceptual, from more traditional to uptrend portrait. The themes represented in LUMAS portfolio include abstract and graphic photography, fashion, landscape, water, interiors, celebrity, nudes, architecture and urban landscape, movement and still life, technology, sport and animals.

Intent of exhibition? Inspiration for the exhibition?

With his cut-outs, Joe McDermott covers new artistic terrain while remaining faithful to his distinctive stylistic approach. The aesthetic of the new pieces flows naturally from the artist’s retro comic style, which he employs to re-explore the universal theme of love in an engrossing and dramatic way.

“The Secret” pays homage to pop-art icon Roy Liechtenstein that captivates with its graphic clarity. Between the woman’s pleading, yearning look and the man’s inscrutable facial expression, it seems this couple is keeping the secret to themselves. It is only through the images of Joe McDermott, inspired by comics and the Pop Art genre, that these otherwise hidden emotions find their true expression.

Theses cut-outs, a modern re-interpretation of the paper cut-out, have a tradition in art-history, where the medium has been used by famous artists such as Henri Matisse. In recent years, the contemporary art scene has fallen back in love with this format, the work of Alex Katz being a prominent example.

McDermott’s decision to pursue this dramatic, innovative art form represents a marked development of his oeuvre. His graphic approach – clearly defined and uncomplicated – is practically made for this medium. The artist’s cut-outs place Pop Art centre stage, keeping with the tradition of his role models, yet also reflective of the current zeitgeist.

Why the Meatpacking District?

SoHo has been home to LUMAS New York since 2006. This fall it will expand to the Meatpacking District to showcase a larger selection of its portfolio in a unique setting, where original art can easily be discovered, experienced and acquired by collectors of all levels and ages. The new location is conveniently located just a stone’s throw from the High Line, the Whitney Museum, Chelsea Market, and a plethora of upscale shopping and dining opportunities.

What is The Collector’s Home?

The Collector’s Home is LUMAS’ new interior design concept, a way to exhibit art that will be incorporated into the pop- up space and will give visitors the feeling of being in an art collector’s home. This concept, used by LUMAS in its SoHo location and other galleries worldwide, helps to provide a clear understanding of how particular photography may look in their own homes.

Price range of the photographs?

With the help of the artist, LUMAS determines the individual value of every edition. It takes into account the popularity of the artist and the significance of the piece, as well as the format and size of the print run. Works of art with a relatively high print run enable us to offer prices starting from $100-$700.

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