Poliform’s Custom Italian Artisanship

Poliform, established in the 1970s in the northern Italian furniture district of  Brianza, has evolved from a small artisan family business into a larger company offering diversified living and dining collections. And with its acquisition of Varenna, it now offers sleek and modern kitchens too. A+A recently interviewed representatives of the company via email:

Who are your clientele?

Poliform customers appreciate authenticity of design and a quality product. They include the architecture and design community but also an educated consumer. Poliform in-house design consultants assist clients in choosing the right layouts and options for each individual project, with attention to detail and the best possible service.

The price range?

The price points reflects a premium product of the highest quality that offers customization, state of the art production machinery, and innovative design. All Poliform products are made to order and manufactured in Italy. With a wide option between specific collections and finishes, Poliform and Varenna can fit a varied range of budgets.

Where is it most often installed?

Poliform products can be used as design solutions anywhere in a home with a variety of options for any space and a wide range of products including kitchens, closets, and a varied furniture collections. Depending on scope of a project, Poliform has a capacity to furnish an entire home with various systems and furniture, as well as provide product for kitchen renovations or just a new sofa for a living room. If a client is interested in working with Poliform on a complete home project, we’re able to deliver consistent style and finishes throughout the entire space.

The intent of its design?

The intent of Poliform design is to combine the beautiful minimalist design with functionality

Its inspiration?

Poliform works in partnerships with some of the best designers in the industry, including Jean-Marie Massaud, Paolo Piva, and  Marcel Wonders; each designer brings their own inspiration to create a global life-style brand.  Poliform is consistent with contemporary yet sophisticated designs where form truly does follow function in a beautiful way.

Materials? Sustainability?

Poliform products are always made out of the best quality materials available; not using any harsh chemicals or endangered species of wood. The efficient production process leaves a clean facility for employees with emission levels at a minimal for the surrounding area. Poliform uses solar panels in some facilities to utilize a cleaner source of energy for the environment.