New Colors for Kitchens and Baths

The company that first gave the world color in plumbing products, back in 1927, is at it again.

But now, Kohler’s looking to unexpected sources for today’s palettes.

For starters, there’s Jonathan Adler.

“We did a bathroom together three years ago, and we really liked working with him – it was easy and fun,” says Tristan Butterfield, Kohler creative director.

So when the Kohler team began looking for ideas to take to market, Adler was almost a no-brainer

“We wanted to invite a creative individual to bring color that has meaning to the world,” he says.  “We wanted a relevant narrative to drive out new ideas.”

So 18 months ago, they sat down and began to hash out something new.  Originally contemplating five to seven new hues, they eventually settled on four signature colors with descriptive  names:  Greenwich Green, Piccadilly Yellow, Palermo Blue and Annapolis Navy.

“We felt that with the advent of color being driven into fashion and cars and coming back in a big way, that this spring was the time to bring bright colors out in a flashy way,” he says.

Recruiting the likes of Adler is only the beginning.  The company plans to develop a rich patronage with other designers too, and not just from the architect or interiors community.  They’re looking beyond the architecture vernacular altogether.

“We want different individuals from different creative disciplines,” he says.  “Jonathan started as a potter with high color work.  Next year, it will be a different discipline – maybe a fashion designer, a textile designer, a florist or a perfumier.”

No matter.  It’s the perspective, and not the profession, that shapes this palette.

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