In Tulum, a Six-Course Tasting Menu at the Conrad’s Autor

I was recently a guest at the Conrad Tulum Riviera Maya, and was fortunate enough to be treated to a six-course tasting menu at the resort’s distinguished restaurant, Autor. Chef Jersaí Miranda Sánchez leads the kitchen there to serve up distinctive Mexican cuisine, with a blend of fresh and ancestral Mexican techniques. The resort’s most sophisticated dining experience is an ode to its chef or ‘author’ and his personalized culinary journey. A+A recently interviewed Sánchez via email:

Your background?

I was born in Morelia, Michoacan Mexico on May 17, 1993, I grew up in a family of hobby cooks, my dad and my older brother were dedicated to other things but the kitchen was always in my house since I remember the courtyard of my house smelled like firewood, Carnitas, Barbecue or grilled meat.

I became a cook by chance, although I always had it present during my childhood and in my blood, it was until my rebellious time in adolescence where I started working in a fast food restaurant because it was the only job I could get for my age and lack of experience, it was there where I fell in love with the noise of the restaurant. And my curiosity for the culinary art started. I studied at the Culinary College of Morelia, and before I graduated I started to travel to different parts of the country learning about ingredients, cultures, techniques and flavors. I worked in several renowned restaurants in the city of Morelia and in 2017 I decided to move to the Mexican Caribbean.

Where did you learn your craft?

My mom is a great cook, there was always cooking in my home, my dad and my brother cook, my sister cooks too. My mom worked all day, and that led us to be independent and learn to cook. I started working in restaurants during my teenage years, and entered college at 21, working since I was 18. I traveled all over Mexico and in 2017 I arrived to the Riviera Maya, there I met my former boss/mentor, with him I learned 50% of what I know today about Mexican gastronomy.

Your key influencers?

Pedro Abascal, Edo Kobayashi, Rene Redzepi.

How do you describe your style?

I use traditional Mexican cooking techniques with a bit of modernity, ingredients from all over the world, specifically Asian. The intent is to achieve a contemporary Mexican cuisine highlighting each of the ingredients. My style is casual, young, fresh and risky.

What brings repeat clients back to you?

The honesty of the dishes. A zero pretentious menu offering what I really am.

The pairings I was served:

With the tasting menu we try to offer our guests the highest quality products, so we adapt our menus to the seasons of the year. The tasting menu is designed so that each step is an experience:

  • First course: Blue fine tuna with pickled daikon juice and caviar.
  • Second course: Whiled broccoli with salsa macha sauce and castacan.
  • Third course: Tamali stuffed with short rib and mushroom spum and truffle
  • Fourth course: Grilled shrimp with talla adobo and tzirita sauce.
  • Fifth course: Pork belly with chilmole and purshlane salad with espelon beans.
  • Sixth course: Dessert canded pumpkin with pepita crumble and creamy rice ice cream

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