In Coral Gables, a House of Design

Eleven designers have transformed eleven windows at Artefacto in Coral Gables, Fla., to explore four new trends in interiors today.

“The designers are from Brazil, Cuba, Uruguay and Venezuala,” says Willman Ramos, manager of the boutique design store and gallery.

Design House 2013 is the third such event in as many years. The designers choose from furniture and materials – woods, leather, linen and natural fiber – already in the store. Ninety percent of it is manufactured in Brazil; the rest is hand-selected around the world by owner Paulo Bacchi.

“It gives clients different perspectives,” Ramos says. “It’s a collaboration and a way to show them how to use the furniture, to give them ideas and create a destination – like going to museum for an exhibition.”

Each designer, too, was hand-picked by Bacchi.

Among the trends they’ve identified:

The in-house café: Designer Daniela Saliba created one as an extension of an entrance living room in a corner, ornamented it with high-top tables, backless bar stools and coffee bar. It’s aimed at owners of condos and high-rises with views.

Bold Hues: Designer, Suzy Acosta used a classic palette of black and white, then incorporated a red coffee table tray for a pop of color.

Wing chairs: They’re now appearing at the head of the table. Designer Gisela Martin gave the chair a new purpose in a modern dining room.

Outdoor trends: Designer Stanley Matz suggested bringing the beach to the home by setting lounge chairs in sand, framed by stone bricks. Palm trees add height, along with a tall barstool/table set.

“They’re creating the trends of today,“ Ramos says.

And every bit of what’s on display is available.

“Clients can pick entire rooms, or select pieces.” ” he says.

But if you don’t see what you want in the windows, there’s 16,000 more square feet of space, full of furnishings, art and materials, just waiting to be explored inside.

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