Hen House Linens: Southern Hospitality

Jennifer Davids is a North Carolina native with a strong sense of style and a company she calls Hen House Linens. She and college roommate Katherine Poole are developing a line of linens that draws on the traditions of Southern hospitality. A+A interviewed her recently via email:

Some background on the company and its founder?

Hen House Linens is an on-trend collection of napkins, placemats, tablecloths, runners and home accessories that add richness to the everyday. Its founder, Jenny Davids, is committed to bringing people back to the table because she believes sitting down together every day is the single most meaningful and simple thing we can do to connect with our family. So, Jenny teamed up with college roommate and graphic designer Katherine Poole to introduce a line that makes it easy to create a beautiful and inviting space that reflects your personal style and sensibility. 

What are the preferred materials? The sources?

Hen House Linens are all made with 100% cotton.

What kind of technology – weaving and printing – is utilized?

The fabric is milled by a high-end factory in Shanghai, in small batches to our specifications to ensure a high quality product that won’t lose its shape. Hen House Linens uses a reactive dye process to achieve bright colors that stay true and do not bleed wash after wash.

The intent of the designs?

To bring bright color and familiar, yet fashionable design to any home to be used and enjoyed every day. The designs mix and match so our customer can create a look that suits any style, season or occasion.

The inspiration?

As a native of North Carolina, founder Jenny Davids was raised in a tradition of Southern hospitality. The idea of the family gathering around the table to share a meal has always been important to her. She believes that now is the time to bring family and friends back to the table for a meal to bond, without having it feel too stuffy or proper. Because of this, Jenny has set out to create a line of linens that are easy to use and will add a pop of color to any table, making guests feel special and welcome. 

Inspiration for the designs is found just about everywhere, but what fascinates creative designer, Katherine Poole, the most is how different elements come together to create a repeating pattern such as the scrollwork in an iron gate, mosaic tile work from the middle east or even something as simple as interlocking circles. Hen House Linens strives to render familiar motifs (a fleur-de-lis, chevron, and quatrefoil) in a fresh and modern way. It is also with intention that they offer patterns in a range of scales and in simple colorways (usually one color + white), so that individuals can mix and match our linens to suit their own style, decor, season or occasion.

For more information, go to http://www.henhouselinens.com/

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