Handmade Lighting from Jacco Maris

Today, Global Lighting introduced a collection of lighting by Jacco Maris to the United States and Canada.  It’s handmade in The Netherlands, with five lights made from steel, brass, copper, iron and sandcast aluminum. Characterized by Maris’ devotion to material before form, they reflect his forays into local scrap yards and his manipulation of metal strips.  A+A interviewed him via email:

What kinds of materials do you favor?

First, there’s Ode 1647: Ode means tribute, 16 refers to the 17th century, and 47 to the element Silver.  As the name implies, the ODE1647 is in homage to the luxurious chandeliers of the early seventeenth century. By using interesting new materials, we have created an entirely modern language of form. The arms are created with silver-plated, braided copper with a coating that’s added by hand in three layers and a final UV coating. The braided copper hose is the same high-pressure housing that you would find in race cars. The velvet shades represent the popular textiles of the 17th century.

Then, the Stand Alone: We found a stash of 500 salvaged Russian tractor headlights for sale. After we bought them, we had to figure out what to do with them, and the Stand Alone was born.

Where do you find your inspiration?

Most of my inspiration is found in nature, and often new materials inspire me. I’ll often visit the scrap yard just to see what odd bits of metal and material I can find.  The Ode 1647 inspiration came from history: the rich seventeenth century, where the first classical chandeliers were made. We wanted to create a remarkable chandelier that reflected the luxurious life of the golden century but with a modern and unexpected material. We tried to succeed in reinventing the chandelier and give it back the luxurious feel without using glass or crystal, which was our challenge.

My best ideas always come when I am totally relaxed taking a bath.

The intent of your design?

We love to create especially beautiful designs with unique materials which complete the living space, both beautiful and functional. And we try to make sure it is a great, timeless choice because we only love to create lights that stay.

The challenges?

Every time I start a new design I challenge myself to the max and try to reinvent the process without making any concessions. My goal is to create a design that has all the characteristics to become an icon. My first lights were made from bent and manipulated steel. My challenge was to take an extremely hard and unforgiving material and give it elegance and a flowing rhythm – a paradox if you think about it.

Where do you envision these to be used?

We see Ode 1647 used for hospitality like hotels, restaurants and bars, but also in residences.  We’ve tried to recreate a classical design that would fit perfectly in a modern interior.

Who is your clientele?

Our clientele consists of architects, lighting dealers, and interior designers who have the knowledge and superb eye for design, craftsmanship, functionality and quality. Our clientele is everybody who appreciates great handmade design, and who loves quality and understands the importance of being surrounded with beauty.

To find a local showroom, go to http://www.globallighting.com/showrooms/

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