Glamping Out at Sasse Mt. Outpost, 80 Miles from Seattle

Sure, there are plenty of perks that come with owning property at Tumble Creek and its private club in the 6,400-acre Suncadia Resort out in the mountains of Washington State.

First, there’s the location: it’s on the sunny, dry side of Snoqualmie Pass, about an hour and a half from most of greater Seattle.

There are the Paintbrush Lake homesites, the Tom Doak-designed golf course homesites, and the mountain view homesites overlooking the Cle Elum River.

There are miles of trails, parks, and access to Suncadia’s facilities like The Hill House, The Golf House, and The Great House. Then there’s the river for floating and flyfishing.

But from Memorial Day to just after Labor Day, there’s one amenity that’s perpetually booked: glamping.

“It’s called Sasse Mt. Outpost, named for one of the mountains nearby. It’s within the Tumble Creek community – and for club members only,” says Jared Jeffries, general manager of the Tumble Creek Club. “There are two sleeping tents with decking and memory-foam mattresses.”

There’s a centrally located fire pit, a dining tent, and a gathering tent. “It’s only a mile from the neighborhood,” he says. “So, you can golf all day and come up and stay.”

It’s extremely popular because club members can camp out with all the comforts of home – and their dining options range from the humble to the sublime. “You can pack your food in, or we’ll grocery-shop for you, or one of our culinary experts will come out and cook for you,” he says.

Tumble Creek started out as a second-home community, but Covid changed that. “Two years ago, I would have said these are second homes but now a good 30 percent are uses as primary homes,” he says. “The pandemic accelerated it with people working from home – and it still has proximity to the city.”

Within Tumble Creek’s 2,600 acres are more than 400 homesites, though most are spoken for. “We still have about 30 homesites in our inventory, and we have the ability to bring on more,” he says.

Anyone who wants to check out those homesites would do well to visit Suncadia and its own amenities. “With the resort come 36 holes of golf that are more public, plus two really nice swim and fitness opportunities plus a winery and The Inn with restaurant and golf shop,” he says. “The Lodge has 255 rooms overlooking the river and mountain views.”

But if you want to go glamping at Sasse Mt. Outpost come Memorial Day, you’ll need to own a piece of land at Tumble Creek – and join the club.

Or know someone who already has.

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