From Spain Unspoilt: Custom-Designed, Guided Tours

Those who’ve followed A+A on Instagram, Facebook, Linkedin and our own site recently know that we’ve spent two memorable weeks in Spain. Our travels were arranged through Spain Unspoilt, a luxury travel agency that custom-designed our expertly guided tours from Barcelona to San Sebastian, Biarritz, Pamplona, Bilbao, and points between. We recently interviewed the founder of the firm, and are pleased to post her responses here:

Some background on the company? 

The company was founded by Elena Flórez. I have worked for 10 years in the luxury fashion industry. I founded my own company and I have travelled the world to attend the best luxury fashion shows. During this time, I organized many trips around Spain for the company and the brands, which has given me an insight and network of the best hotels and resorts in Spain & Portugal. That is how I have developed my true passion: travel design!

Why was it formed? 

I decided  to start my own travel destination company to show international travelers the best places and experiences that Spain and Portugal have to offer. With an extensive background and experience in the luxury market, I have developed a great sense of detailed customer service, and I can say that I deliver top-notch travel experiences. I want to share with travelers my love for the beauty and culture of Spain and Portugal, providing them with exclusive access to the country’s finest hotels, villas and retreats.

When was it formed, and how many travelers has it served? 

It was formed in 2015. We have organized around 3000 trips.

Your travel philosophy? 

For us, travel is the ultimate in luxury, and we want our travelers to get lost in the beauty of the voyage –to experience just how unspoiled Spain and Portugal are. We like to design each trip with the right destination, mood, and experience, trip by trip, client by client. Every trip is fully designed, and based on each client’s needs and interests. Every trip is different because every client is unique.

How do you select your tour guides? 

We meet them in person and select only truly passionate and experts in each field. We have been working with the same expert guides for many years. Others come by referrals.

How much, geographically, do you cover in Spain? 

We cover every corner of Spain and Portugal. From the mainland to the Balearics, Canary, Azores and Madeira Islands.

The most popular destinations? 

Barcelona, Sevilla, Granada, Madrid and Mallorca in Spain, plus Lisbon, Porto, Douro and Algarve in Portugal.

How was business before, during and after the pandemic? 

In 2020 before Pandemic we were growing 20% in sales each year. We had 2 years 2020 and 2021 when the trips were very minimum. We are now reaching the sales level of 2019.

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