From Photographs to Wall Coverings

Miami photographer Carl Pascuzzi and his partner, interior designer Phoebe Brandt, spent a full year together back in 2009 working through designs for a new line of wall coverings.

They started with brainstorming, trying to find the right look and feel for inspiration.  Next they’d gather the appropriate elements, whether flowers, tree branches or synthetic materials, arranging them in the studio.

“It was actually pretty funny,” Carl said.  “There were these huge sets, some of them 15 feet high and wide, and layered for depth of field.  We’d take shots 10 feet away from the camera, but end up with a piece of a photo that’s only three inches across.  It’s a little crazy.”

They launched their photography-based wall covering line in 2010, and never looked back.  They call their company EDGE, for “exceptional design goes everywhere,” which is now, apparently, also their mission.  And though the pair may not have invented repetitive patterns for wall coverings that once were woven, painted, printed or drawn, they’ve certainly found a way to use the camera as a paintbrush.

They walk the line between Carl’s contemporary leaning and Phoebe’s sense for classical design. “I’m a little more out there,” he said.  “But when we meet in the middle, it’s a really good match.”

They find particular inspiration in custom projects.  Some are bold commercial treatments for lounges and nightclubs, with wall coverings of jewels, diamonds and pearls.  Others involve bringing corporate logos into a photography studio for custom imaging.  It doesn’t seem to matter – they find excitement in it all.

That first year of pure creation may have spoiled them, Carl said..  The challenge these days is to keep up with bookkeeping, sales and marketing.  “We’d love to spend the majority of our time creating, but we did that for a year, and now it’s just time to put it all out there,” he said.

Their clients, one supposes, are glad they do.

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