From Italy, an Artisan-Made Console

We were delighted a few weeks back to receive a handful of images of a handmade console, a bespoke piece created for an Italian design competition. So we interviewed its designers via email:

Who conceived this piece? And why?

The product is powered by Falegnameria Invernizzi of Barbata (BG) and designed by the architects Francesco Ravasio and Giovanni Galli for a design competition organized by region Lombardia and ADI Milano (Design Associations).

What is the intent of the design?

We have seen through modern eyes an old mobile tradition of Bergamo. We fully exploited one cubic meter, avoiding waste! We linked to the main theme of Expo2015 Milan.

Its inspiration?

We took inspiration from the Mini-kitchen designed by Joe Colombo.

The challenges of making it?

It was very complicated to assemble various systems around a single volume. Even the design required several tests both compositional and functional.

The materials?

It is made of plywood, veneered with dark larch.

Its functionality?

It’s a container for cutlery, glasses, dishes, and for all that necessary for a time of tasting of food and wine. All the drawers are made from technology push to open, the cube can be moved on wheels and the table can be removed using special wheels too.

How long did it take to make it?

For the design and the realization – about 10 months.

Where will it be used?

His ideal is a cellar for when tasting or can be placed in a small kitchen as it is easy to move and can be extended when needed – or outside the home near the barbecue.

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