From Italy, a Pedelec Bike for the Ages

People / Places / Products / March 18, 2013

Leave it to the Italians to deliver something as elegant as this two-wheeled beauty.

A pair of them – engineer Bruno Greppi and designer Luca Scopel, both motorbike aficionados – designed it and call it Cykno.

They say it winks an eye at Greek mythology.  Cykno was a hero with the gift of invulnerability, but also a mortal transformed by Zeus into a swan.

“We think this will be a sort of old style furniture piece built with very technical and modern materials,” the designers say.

They’ve developed a timeless design inspired by early American motorcycles from the early 20th century, and then updated it with sustainability, performance and technology.

Cykno merges vintage design current technology, like a carbon fiber frame, aluminum billet parts, a brushless motor from Sweden, a racing brake system and LiPo battery technology.

It’s an electric pedelec bicycle, with a German torque sensor and an Italian motor controller from the power side. It offers carbon fiber wheels, a double-layered carbon fiber front fork, and carbon fiber seat, and a LED rear light. Then there are the stainless steel fenders and handlebars, and leather made in Italy.

“Cykno is a personal vehicle, and we will produce it to client size, by the way handlebars and seat spring made to order,” they say.  “The client can choose frame color, wheel color, as well as leather type and color.”

They’ll introduce it from April 9-14 during the Salone del Mobile in Milano. With a range of speed between 25km/45km per hour –and 60 km of autonomy, Cykno will be traveling around the city and passing through the main areas of the Fuorisalone: Zona Tortona, Brera Design District, Ventura Lambrate, and Porta Venezia Indesign.

It won’t be hard to miss.  Zipping through town on the Cykno during the Salone will be one gentleman in a kilt, another in a tuxedo and a woman in evening dress.

It’ll be available soon, through

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