Sculpting the Cycles of Life

Frank Castellucio is a self-taught sculptor whose work in clay and bronze explores the cycles of life.

“I’m a classical figure sculptor,” he said.  “I try to portray the human figure as artistically as I can.  I want to grab the viewer’s interest so that they can look outside their own environment forget their daily tribulations.”

He recently completed a piece symbolizing a strand of DNA, with chromosomes represented by human figures.  “It’s about the survival of the fittest being overtaken by the endurance of increased compassion,” he said.  “It addresses the desire to compete being overcome by a general concern for each other, to help each out.  The result is happier and stronger individuals.”

He studied at the Art Students League in New York, but most of his work is the result of working independently.  “I try not to be influenced by others, but to come up with my own brand,” he said.

Sizes of his bronzes range from 15 inches to life-sized, with prices starting at $700 and reaching into six figures.

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