Flavor Paper: Turning Ten at ICFF

It’s not enough to have your  wallpaper showcased in a trio of windows at Bergdorf Goodman.

Or to collaborate with Mike D of The Beastie Boys.

Or to see your work installed on the walls of the Wythe Hotel in Brooklyn.

No.  If you’re Jon Sherman, creative director at Flavor Paper, you’ll want to create your own booth at the International Contemporary Furniture Fair (ICFF) and paper the walls of the café there too.

“We always introduce new collections for ICFF in the spring,” he says.  “And always, we’ll show a different variety of artists and styles.”

Like “Vigilant Floral,” with its security camera-and-razor-wire motif by Dan Funderburgh, a wry commentary on the state of the 21st century.  Or “Zelda” by Jane Blevin, just in time for Baz Luhrmann’s film of the book that Scott Fitzgerald’s wife named.  Or “Musical Mandela,” Sherman’s own design with musical patterns in microphones and guitars.

But “City of Light” is the real dazzler, he says of a second Jane Blevin design.  “We’re showing it as two, three or four colors and teasing a lot out of this fairly simple pattern, in our booth and the café.”

Flavor Paper is a 10-year-old wall covering, fabric and digital printing manufacturer, known for tasty designs and thought-provoking installations. Sherman started it up in New Orleans, then moved to Pacific Street in Brooklyn.  He collaborates with Tibi Fashion House, Kravitz Design and Milton Glaser.  Clients include Nike, W Hotels and the architectural IAC building in New York, by Frank Gehry.

He succeeds because he’s flexible.  “We allow people to interchange the colors, with an openness to print anything,” he says.  “We want it to fit into any environment or scale, and be user-friendly across the board.”

He considers the firm’s award-winning work for Interior Design’s “House of the Year” a bonus.

But wait – there’s more.  Sherman just wrapped up a speaking engagement at Bklyn Designs over the weekend, and Flavor Paper is among the top-tier design brands selected for the new “Destination: NYC Store at the Museum of Modern Art” for Design Week, starting May 15.

That ought to be enough for anybody.

For more information, go to http://www.flavorpaper.com/

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