Dwell + the Monogram Modern Home

It’s a barnstorming tour of the U.S., with a touch of culinary delight to boot.

The Monogram Modern Home – 1,100 square-foot, custom prefab collaboration from Dwell Media, Method Homes and Monogram luxury appliances – is heading to Austin Texas for tours on July 17-18.

It debuted in Portland, Ore., took a few victory laps at Dwell on Design in Los Angeles, then basked in the Phoenix sun for a few days. Before the year’s out, it will hit Dallas and Boston too.

At each stop, designers, consumers and influencers are touring the home, experiencing the lifestyle and breaking bread with those who made it happen.

“We have a chef traveling with us, with live ovens, a dishwasher and refrigerator,” says Michael Mahan, general manager at Monogram. “She’s cooking most of the day, with something coming off the cook top all day. Later in the evening we host a supper club for tastemakers who come in for a meal.”

It’s all aimed at promoting the Monogram lifestyle in an experiential way.

“We want to really allow people to see the appliances in a home setting and imagine monogram in their home,” he says. “A showroom doesn’t have a natural feel of what’s  in a home, so with Dwell we’ve put our appliances in this kitchen to show how it fits into their lifestyle – and so far, it’s working.”

About 50 to 100 designers will show up on the first day of the tour’s stop in any city, followed by thousands of consumers the next day. They all get a good look at stainless the steel wall oven, refrigerator, wine chiller, and dishwasher, each of them tucked into walls and cabinets.

“The dishwasher disappears into the cabinetry so you won’t see it, and the induction cook top no longer sits above the counter, but sits in the counter for one smooth surface,” he says. “The appliances are not the focal point – it’s about how Monogram can blend in with your design taste.”

And how it complements your taste in fine cuisine too.

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