Dornbracht: Luxury Fittings for Bath and Kitchen

Headquartered in Iserlohn, Germany, Dornbracht was founded in 1950 and today is active internationally in more than 125 markets. The company designs and manufactures iconic products that continually draw designers and architects for projects and partnerships around the world. Dornbracht will introduce a new faucet and finish this summer. A+A recently interviewed Christopher Barger, president & CEO of Dornbracht Americas about the company, via email:

Some background on the company?
Dornbracht is a leading manufacturer of superior designer fittings and accessories for bathrooms, spas and kitchens. As a brand, we believe that constantly challenging the status quo of architecture and design will enable us to enrich people’s lives within living spaces. Dornbracht products are German engineered and lead in design, ensuring an outstanding user experience.

Your design philosophy?
We explore. We experiment. We keep asking questions, discovering new ideas, and finding solutions. At Dornbracht, we strive to bring energy and happiness into living spaces. For us, every new idea starts with the question: “How can what we do enrich someone’s life?” Simply put, our vision is to create and increase the quality, energy and happiness of life in living spaces. Asking questions is at the core of our business.

Your design intent?
We create designs that shape the future yet remain timeless. We realize that our lives are changing at an ever-increasing rate. We think about how this may impact our needs in the kitchens and bathrooms. Being passionate about architecture and design, we study the latest in architecture and interior design to make sure we develop the right products for progressive and sustainable interiors. That’s why we focus on long-term visions vs. short term trends – to ensure our products are always progressive. They’re made to stand the test of time and remain relevant for decades into the future. Over the years we’ve established our own design DNA through defining our very own design principles that help us to carefully curate designs and finishes to ensure that every Dornbracht product is timeless and can be enjoyed from generation to generation. Our design principles are defined by The Five P’s: Proportion, Precision, Progressiveness, Personality and Performance.

Our products are the result of a combination of the best materials, engineering excellence, state-of-the-art production technologies and exclusive craftsmanship. Quality that you feel every day and that often lasts for generations. Our engineers in Germany carefully select the best material for every purpose. For example, Dornbracht finishes are functionally and aesthetically durable and unparalleled in terms of intensity, depth, and brilliance. This is the result of special production processes that start with the selection of only the best materials.

What kind of growth have you seen over the past year?
We have seen growth in our Touchfree product offerings over the last year, as well as great interest in our dark finishes such as Dark Platinum Matte and Black Matte.

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