Dara Artisans, Now at Atelier Courbet

Atelier Courbet, long known for its commitment to high-quality craftsmanship, is partnering with Dara Artisans for a pop-up shop in New York.

Among the works culled from the Dara collection are ceramics and textiles from Los Angeles designer Mirena Kim, potters from the Acoma Reservation and Mulberries Heirloom Textile from artisans in Laos.

“It’s a collaborative effort because sharing is the focus of my business,” says Melanie Courbet, founder of the atelier. “They’re online only and I’m retail only.”

The atelier, located at 175/177 Mott Street, is divided up between shop and gallery part, showcasing centuries- old pieces from Europe and Japan in the shop, and artists’ work the gallery,

“We converse with curators of museums, so the gallery room has an exhibition program every 12 weeks,” she says. “There’ll be an exhibition highlighting one material or region and then engaging events so clients can meet the artists craftsmen doing demonstrations.”

That means introducing artists, like weavers from Nepal, demonstrating time-honored techniques through in workshops. “We try to make them more relevant,” she says.

With a background as an art consultant in Paris and New York, Courbet says she’s passionate about acquisitions, but a little wary too. And her atelier reflects that.

“If I’m focused only on investments I became disconnected, so I wanted to have a creative space to focus on works that are timeless and create value,” she says. “Pieces created 200 years ago are still valuable today – not as an investment, but as a family heirloom.”

The idea, she says, is to own less, but for each piece in a collection, to have a story that can be passed along to the next generation.

“It’s a reaction to a global environment where there’s a growing desire for handmade goods and an understanding of where everything comes from,” she says.

The Dara Artisans Pop-Up Shop, open through Jan. 10 at Atelier Courbet, is a prime example.

For more information, go to http://www.daraartisans.com/pages/atelier-courbet