Bolon Studio Relaunches for a New Scale in New Shapes

Swedish flooring brand Bolon has been relaunched as Bolon Studio, with curated shapes for hyper-personalized flooring. The new Bolon concept is available to U.S. designers exclusively through Matter Surfaces. The studio creates simple shapes at first glance, but when they’re put together, these curated tiles can build eye-catching immersive experiences by mixing and matching textures and colors from existing Bolon collections. A+A recently interviewed Lisa Jarhult, Bolon’s product developer and designer via email, and we’re pleased to post that interview here today:

What was the assignment here?

Our launch of BOLON Studio is part of the strategic development of BOLON’s product portfolio. The assignment was to refine and give the BOLON Studio concept a clearer identity as a range and look for possible new scale in new shapes. 

Your design intent?

BOLON Studio brings out the most playful and creative side of BOLON flooring, and with help of the newly launched colors in our Artisan and Botanic collection we wanted to showcase this. We wanted to add new shapes to complete the range, but also consider shape and scale suitable for installations in larger spaces. We also wanted to show actual patterns made without BOLON Studio tiles rather than just the shapes as solitary form.

How does a site drive your designs?

Flooring is not a product viewed by itself. It always relates to the architectural style, scale, use and lighting of any space as well as other interior materials and objects within that space. This is always considered in the development of new flooring and in how we apply the flooring in a location for product photo shoots, showrooms and so forth. We love when there is some positive tension between the architecture and choice of flooring! BOLON Studio has potential to massively impact the feel of a room.

The material palette?

BOLON Studio shapes can be made from nearly all our flooring textures, and this material palette adds another layer of options. As an interior architect you are free to build a floor based on bold, contrasting colors or subtle hues and different textures -or a combination of both!

What about scale and proportion?

Bolon Studio holds a range of shapes in various sizes, suitable for different applications. Some are by scale or proportions generally more suitable for a smaller installation while others are developed for, and best used in larger areas. This also gives you the option to play with scale and proportions within a room, steering the perception of a room or items in it as bigger or smaller. The unique texture of our weave color in a pattern creates depth and even optical illusions.

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