At Bell Works in New Jersey, a Post-Pandemic Workspace

Despite its all-remote workforce, software firm CentralReach recently opened a 25,000-square-foot headquarters inside New Jersey’s Bell Works campus. Commissioned to design the space as a hub for in-person meetings and collaboration, npz studio+ embraced the challenge – and designed attractive and productive work spaces. A+A recently interviewed Paola Zamudio, founder and head Designer at npz studio+, about the project via email:

The client?

CentralReach is the leading software and services platform to help children and adults diagnosed with autism and related IDDs.

The assignment?

npz studio+ was tasked with creating the “office of the future.” The goal was to create a happy space that exudes healthy properties in an inspiring environment, so that CentralReach’s formerly remote workforce would feel encouraged to work in a hybrid model.

The design intent?

The space features innovative design and biophilic touches with an emphasis on the psychology of color. The office space radiates fluidity that encourages users to collaborate and innovate. An inviting lobby is filled with soothing blue tones. A light, modern kitchen rivals professional chefs’ spaces for good food and conversations. Colorful poufs evoke comfort for a relaxed atmosphere.

How did the site drive the design?

npz studio+ created the “office of the future in the post-pandemic world by incorporating innovative and biophilic design to align with the client’s mission of improving behavioral health. This office was also to be alignted with the modernism of Bell Works, designed in Holmdel, N.J. by Eero Saarinen.

The material palette?

Color was a major focus for bold wall coverings, acoustical furniture pieces, and paint. Tropical plants in felt planters help control sound and create a cozy atmosphere.

Its scale and proportion?

npz studio+ created open, collaborative spaces rather than private offices or cubicle-style desks. The workspaces and shared areas were configured in a way that felt safe, healthy, and comfortable in a post-pandemic workspace.

How does it fit into its context?

Bell Works is all about collaboration and connectivity. The vision for the project was for all tenants to have that essence, share the vision, and be an extension of the metroburb’s DNA of inspiration.

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