Artist Bill Harvey’s Du Verre Designs

Brooklyn-based artist Bill Harvey is a post-punk Renaissance Man.

While he was studying sculpture during the late ’70s at the Corcoran School of Art in Washington D.C., he was also producing cutting-edge concerts of the New Wave variety.

Like the B-52s and the Urban Verbs in 1979, 30 days before each band signed with major labels.

“The dean let me do it in the auditorium,” he says. “I was a key nexus that bridged the art and pre-punk, post-punk worlds.”

These days, his work is a combination of music, art and events, all centered around whatever he finds interesting at the time. His describes his position as a full-time Bill Harvey – and that means he’s constantly engaged in art, music, community development and designs for small stores and products.

He began work in the decorative arts in 1990, and by 1995 had started to work with Du Verre Hardware. His newest line of pulls for the company is called Bolero. It’s crafted from recycled aluminum, and it’s sensuous, curvaceous and sculptural.

“In product design, I’m always trying to engage people visually or tactilely,” he says. “It engages outside the narrow experience, the same way that art does.”

He’d been talking off and on with Du Verre CEO Gina Lubin, when she recently green-lighted the new line. “I went back to my sculpture roots, and started with a line on paper and then began carving wax,” he says. “I was looking for a form that was very pleasing, and trying to work from pure form from a place without narrative.”

The Botero line, he says, is for the residential and hospitality markets. “The Du Verre customer might be a hotel in Abu Dhabi or someone’s home in Cedar Falls, Iowa,” he says. “It’s for people who appreciate decorative flourishes.”

And for those with a nostalgic inclination toward the New Wave.

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