Aimée Wilder Looks to the Cosmos

Designer Aimée Wilder has discovered the balance of living to work, rather than working to live.

The graduate of the Chicago Art Institute, once employed by Martha Stewart and The Gap, is now on her own, creating rugs, wallpaper and fabrics with designs that look to the cosmos.

Especially in her new Eudaimonia Collection, inspired by the Greek word for happiness, or human flourishing.

It’s a good look. “It has a more sophisticated feel – more geometrical and minimal,” she says. “Most are conceptual – moon and stars and the harbingers of change in your life.”

The balance she seeks brings about change for the better.

“These are more symbolic,” she says. “They’re coming from a place where I’m thinking about slowing down, making time for myself, and thinking slowly and clearly.

Eudaimonia consists of two wallpaper and fabric patterns, Pyramide du Soleil and Earthlight, with an additional rug pattern, Eclipse. All three reflect the natural balance between the earth, the sun, and the moon.

With the new collection, Wilder is introducing a new construction for commercial fabrics, tested for 50,000 double rubs and available with a range of protective coatings.

For the first time, she’s offering wallpaper printed in Brooklyn about a mile from her studio, though the transition was not without challenges. “There were some color adjustments – the translation of color took a lot of work,” she says. “We were testing and retesting patterns and then prioritized them.”

The new collection is available for both residential and commercial use. “We’re doing well with tech spaces, commercial spaces and residential spaces,” she says.

Consciously or not, all are searching for balance in their environment.

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