A Toy Box for Architects + Designers

If anyone knows how to write about architectural building products, it’s Rita Catinella Orrell.

The former products editor at Architectural Record and founding editor at its sister publication, SNAP, also established www.designythings.com about two years ago.

Now, after 17 years of editing magazines, she’s established her second blog at www.architectstoybox.com.

“It’s about interior and exterior products with a focus for architecture, written with the profession in mind,” she says. “It’s a continuance of what I was doing with SNAP and Record, but writing about what I like.”

She’s populating the site with smart ideas and products that solve problems, with a sustainable edge.

“They need to be a little special, different or extremely beautiful,” she says.

Recent posts cover a new line of porcelain tile from Crossville, a combined door, screen and shade from Centor, and heated outdoor seating from Galanter & Jones.

Where www.designythings.com focuses on gifts, gadgets and gear for the consumer, www.architectstoybox.com is aimed at architects and interior designers. It’s intended to be a resource and a place to display the newest products on the market. She looks at it as a way of giving back to the profession and the industry, and to help individuals find the latest and greatest.

And it’s a one-of-a-kind site.

“No one else is writing about building products exclusively – this is the only genuine architectural products blog,” she says. “And if anybody can do this, it’s me.”

She’s proving that with every post.

For more information, go to http://www.architects-toybox.com/

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