A Tailored Tour of Carolina Homes

The difference between an architect-designed home and one found in a typical subdivision is like the difference between a suit that’s custom-made over one that’s off-the-rack.

So says Katie Truncellito, a designer with BBH Architecture and co-chair of the AIA Triangle residential architecture tour.

“Part of an architect’s responsibility is to learn about the client in an intimate way,” she says.  “The idea is to understand what’s needed for one person or for seven in a home – to get the right kind of spaces.

The AIA Triangle’s self-guided tour of residential projects, scheduled for Saturday, Oct. 1, covers six additions and homes, ranging in size from 500 square feet to more than 3,000 square feet.  Four homes in Raleigh are featured, with two more in Chapel Hill.  More than 350 people took the inaugural tour last year, and Truncellito anticipates doubling that number this year.

The goal, she says, is to show what good design can do to enhance everyday life for different kinds of lifestyles.  Architects responsible for each home, covering a wide range of styles from traditional to modern, will be on hand to discuss their work with attendees.

“We want people to experience good design and understand what a residential architect can do, regardless of budget,” she said.

Among the architects and designers whose work will be on the tour will be Alphin Design/Build, Tina Govan, Michael Stevenson and Kim Thrower, Bizios Architects, and Weinstein Friedlein Architects.

Each project, like a well-tailored suit, has been carefully tweaked to fit the needs of its client.

Hours are from 10 AM to 5 PM.  Tickets are $15 in advance, and $20 the day of the event.

For more ont the  AIA Triangle tour, go to http://www.aiatriangle.org

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