A Brazilian Apartment in New York

Cristiana Mascarenhas is head designer at In Plus, Inc. in New York. During the past 25 years, she’s achieved international recognition for her refined, carefully realized and characteristically modern projects. Her portfolio includes projects in some of the most sought-after buildings in Manhattan, as well as private homes and commercial establishments in the United States, Brazil and Europe. A+A recently interviewed her about a project at 12 Warrant Street in New York:

Your Background in Design?
I have a Bachelor’s in Architecture from the Federal University of Rio de Janeiro.

Who was the client for this project?
DDG Partners.

Background on the project?
I was invited, together with Espasso, a Brazilian furniture store in New York, to furnish DDG Partners’ model apartment at 12 Warren Street in New York. It was actually a townhouse inserted into a building, and a very unique and exquisite space. When decorating the three-floor apartment, ESPASSO’s Carlos and I focused on bringing a Brazilian flavor where history, design and warmth would converge.

The intent of your design?
The thought process when decorating the 3-bedroom townhouse at 12 Warren Street was to honor the handcrafted and artisanal details featured throughout the building. I wanted to make sure the beauty and grandiosity of the space were enhanced with beautiful pieces of furniture allowing them to
feel unique and homey for potential buyers – and visitors – who appreciate interior design. An exclusive art collection was also added to the apartment to complement the space.

The inspiration for your design?
It was a blank canvas ready to be filled with great Brazilian design. The grandiosity of the space was a perfect setting to generously host the Brazilian furniture from Espasso. We had in mind a young family with two kids, a family with a taste for international design.

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