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Places / July 30, 2010

If a firm is going to brand itself a next generation real estate company, its digs probably ought to spell out what that means.

That’s why Go Realty in Raleigh N.C. hired uber-hip Vernacular Studio to re-think what the interior of a real estate office ought to be.

“They’re a new firm that’s very client- and lifestyle-oriented,” said Chad Parker, partner in the architecture firm. “They say they’re a fresh alternative to the traditional real estate firm.”

Go Realty is digitally based and attuned to the usual array of social media like Facebook, Twitter and blogging. “It’s full service, with a more modern way of doing things,” he said.

Not surprisingly, the company asserts on its web site that if Apple were to create a home search, theirs is what one would look like.

Their offices are located in a 2,000-square-foot former camera store, on a corner in an upscale retail center, surrounded by the chic and tony shops and restaurants du jour. It’s outwardly engaging as well as eager to fit in. “It’s easy to walk in thinking it’s a café,” Chad said. “It’s a lounge as much as an office.”

Parker and company employed a simple, soothing palette of warm grays and neutral whites, accented with blue walls in the rear. “It’s crisp but warm,” he said. “Architecturally it’s very simple, to respect the space and the budget. It’s about the relationship between client and agent – we wanted to create a stage for a something that’s comfortable.”

In short, it’s a new take on an old solution. But then again, so is the client. “We wanted it to be warm and inviting,” he said. “But we wanted it to be hip and modern too.”

For more on Vernacular Studio, go to http://www.vstudio3.com/

For more on Go Realty, go to http://www.gorealty.biz/

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