Campion Platt’s Rugs Inspired by Beaches and Water

Architect Campion Platt found inspiration for his Mariner Collection of rugs, woven in silk and wool by master rug maker Roubini, from his travel and work in the Turks and Caicos Islands.

While designing and developing a community at Ambergris Cay,  a 1,100-acre private island there, he began to draw.

“For each design, I developed a hand sketch, and took it to Sam Roubini,” he says. “He wove Versace’s rugs for years. He’d say: ‘Do it this way for a classical balance, or this way for depth.’”

As a result, each rug has been hand-knotted in a slightly different construction in terms of layering, texturing and depth, and in combination of silk to wool.

“They’re inspired by the sandy beaches of Ambergis Cay,” he says. “The Manta Ray is a little like an Escher print, shaded to light. The Beach Walk is kind of like footsteps, meandering left to right. And Reflections is about ocean wave action, with the sun glistening.”

The rugs are an extension of the architect’s growing portfolio of interiors, exteriors, textiles and books. “Through my work in architecture and interior design, I’m always trying to impart a human touch, an artisan’s quality, that’s not technological or hard edged,” he says. “These are all abstractions of one idea – they all revolve around an aquatic theme.”

The new rugs are typically 6’ x 9’ or 9’ x 12’, but can be custom woven if necessary. “There’s no repetition to them,” he said. “You could use them wall to if you wanted, because the design is continually expanding out.”

Just like the beaches and water they’re modeled on.

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