Pillow Pops: A Woman’s Revolution in Home Decor

Before she founded Pillow Pops, Shani Moran was designing wholesale fabrics for fashion houses – and soaking up all she could about the industry.

Then she spent two years designing fabrics and color palettes for a new line she calls Pillow Pops.

It consists of 24 collections of pillows designed not just to perk up any domestic space, but to take the stress out of decision-making for home décor. “We eliminate anxiety with the buying process, and the doubt when people have to choose,” she says. “You dress your home and create atmosphere using inexpensive decorative items to recreate and reinvent your space.”

Every collection of five pillows uses a different fabric: velvet, chenille, leather with crocodile patterns or linen with golden threads. They’re all colors and patterns that work together to create depth. “That’s who I am, like the Atlantic Ocean,” she says. “They’re absorbable for the eye to take in – it’s about my need to dig deep and dive deeper into things.”

The color palettes reflect Moran’s philosophy of home décor, but there are options that appeal to all. “You can create a color palette that the eye can absorb and still have a decorative impact on your house,” she says. “You bring it in and it allows you to change and have an impact on the décor.”

Every item is not only specialized, but hidden-zipped, so it can be replaced on a whim. “You’re in charge – you’re the expert, just like when you dress yourself every morning and shift your consciousness,” she says. “It’s where you get your power – it’s your home, your womb, and you’re in charge, décor- and design-wise.”

The collections can be trimmed in two different decorative embellishments, or left bare. “I’m surprised myself by the reaction of people to the trimmings,” she says. “Some are out of stock because they love it – it’s voluptuous and almost sensual.”

Pillow Pops’ 2021 colors are rust, orange, and copper, and they’re featured in two collections. There’s the Sundown Series, with a chenille and a velvet celebration of richness. “There’s also a rust-orange that’s very earthy, almost like a fire collection,” she says. “It’s called Almost Fire – they’re like flames or wings.”

Each collection is designed for use in bedrooms, patios, sofas or even floors – and each touches on human feelings. A good example is Scarlett Sentiment. “The embellishments are very sensual and very feminine,” she says. “It’s a strong, solid color, very cozy and almost like being inside a womb – it touches a woman’s psyche.”

Then there’s the wedding collection for the bridal community, with a pillow for the ring. “They’re smaller and I’ve had some collaboration on these,” she says. “I was speechless when thinking about the trimming – I was thinking about a kingdom of princesses and queens.”

But she was also thinking about a kingdom of cost-conscious royalty too. “The fabrics are very high-end but I wanted it all to be affordable,” she says. “My warehouses and operation allows me to bring prices down, because I wanted people to get the concept.”

Chances are, the enlightened women she’s talking to are doing exactly that.

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